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Pregnant and Disabled
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A community for pregnant disabled women
I, shypoet have created this community for many reasons. The main reason is because there aren't very many communities that focus on disabilities and pregnancy. Being that I have Cerebral Palsy and have questions, I thought this community could come in handy not just to me, but also to women who have the same questions I do. Maybe you are disabled and are already a mother. If this is the case, you are more than welcome to join here. Your advice could be helpful to many women out there!

Please note: Disabled women of any kind may join this community. That means, it can be a disability/condition preventing you from having children (such as PCOS), or a physical disability such as mine, Cerebral Palsy. Like I state below in the rules, I want this to be a place for everyone regardless of what physical disability you may have.

Also, please note that for your privacy, entries are 'friends only'


-Know that this community is moderated. Anyone who posts inappropriate stuff will be banned.
-Be kind. I want this to be a place for every one.
-Watch your words. Please have good internet manners when posting your topic.
-Please put birth stories/pictures behind a cut.
-You may promote for other communities as long as they have something to do with being disabled and pregnant, being disabled and a parent, or talk about a certain disability. All other communities may be posted in community_promo Thank you!


Here are some other communities that you may find helpful...


Thank you for your interest in this community. Please feel free to join, and I'll accept your request asap.

Because entries are 'friends only' and you can't see anything until you join, here are some topics discussed here:

-Cerebral Palsy and pregnancy
-How labor may be affected due to your disability
-How to deal with negative comments from family members due to being pregnant and disabled
-How to make things for baby accessible to you if you are physically disabled
-TTC (trying to conceive)